Ideas Platform: Three Mobile

In 2015 Three Mobile launched its brand purpose and multi-channel marketing campaign #makeitright.

The slogan #makeitright was a mission and rally cry for 10,000 employees across the UK and India to transform the mobile industry by starting with the customer.

Leading the staff engagement strategy behind this launch, I produced Three’s very own crowdsourcing platform.

The goal was twofold:

  1. To recognise employees who had gone the extra mile — even if it meant going out-of-process — to make things right for the customer.

  2. Inspire all staff from call-centre to CFO to lead with this mantra.

To launch the platform, I created a company-wide challenge. With £5,000 worth of vouchers to win, employees were encouraged to share their own personal #makeitright stories or nominate colleagues who had gone the extra mile. Prizes were awarded to the top 25 voted stories. Within three weeks of launch, over 300 stories were shared and 4,600 votes cast. The platform achieved a 50% adoption rate in three weeks, smashing industry targets set by the NHS and P&G by 105%.

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